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Gender Education of Men and Boys

Gender sensitization of boys and men is conducted through a series of discussions, camps and training sessions where gender concepts are analyzed using case stories of discrimination in families and society. Dialogues on traditional and harmful practices such as child marriage, dowry and female foeticide are facilitated through participatory, innovative methods. The men and boys are encouraged to look into their own lives and share their experiences on gender discrimination,…

Federations: The Face of the Movement

Download the Introduction and first chapter on Federations.

Raising Awareness Through Art

More about Odanadi.

Rays of Light

SNEHA KIRAN Sneha Kiran is the only center in Mysore that provides rehabilitation and education to children with cerebral palsy. Their hope is to continue to extend our reach into the rural areas surrounding Mysore in the near future. credits: Change for Balance

Lush Charity Pot

20 Odanadi survivors and 10 volunteers rode bicycles for 30 days across 60 villages in Karnataka, India. In each village, the Odanadi women made presentations about human trafficking and environmental justice. At each stop, they also planted a fruit-bearing tree, purchased with the Lush funds, as a gift from Odanadi and a reminder about the issues discussed. Read one volunteer’s account, Two Wheels and a Mission. Download the full proposal,…

Microfinance Distribution in India

This map aggregates information related to the spread of financial services for the poor in India. It also identifies regions that are untouched and underserved by financial services providers. Researchers gathered general institutional information, district-wise outreach, details of portfolio, product offering and other details from 103 MFIs across India and secondary sources for three years (2007-2009). The data and map were updated again in 2010. Click here to view the…

An Island in the Sun

Changing society’s attitude towards mental disability and removing the stigmas attached to it.

Language Diversity

With over one in three residents born outside the United States, Los Angeles County faces unique challenges in delivering services to a disproportionately limited English proficient (LEP) population. Nearly one in three persons countywide are LEP, or face some difficulty communicating in English that impacts their ability to access critical services delivered only in English. Asian and Latino residents are more likely than other residents to face language barriers; 48%…

Service in Action

Odanadi co-founders, Stanly KV and Parashuram ML, accepted the $10,000 prize in Singapore. Read the award winning nomination below, and learn more about the Asia Society Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative and its annual Public Service Award.

5 Miles From Ground Zero

This map was developed to advocate for expanded boundaries for health coverage, beyond the 16 acres around ground zero. It was shown and included with testimony in front of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s technical panel in 2004 and 2011. A series of maps with New York and New Jersey data from the World Trade Center health registry were also produced. More related to 9/11 health and environmental issues.