Gender Education of Men and Boys

Gender sensitization of boys and men is conducted through a series of discussions, camps and training sessions where gender concepts are analyzed using case stories of discrimination in families and society. Dialogues on traditional and harmful practices such as child marriage, dowry and female foeticide are facilitated through participatory, innovative methods. The men and boys are encouraged to look into their own lives and share their experiences on gender discrimination, as well.

The gender education program envisages the creation of an enabling environment at home where men, not only refrain from violence, but also support their women in the family and society. It is the process of awareness building, critical analysis, inquiry and reflection on one’s own condition and position as embedded in the existing social structure and processes, leading to personal and political changes.

Download the full tri-state toolkit.

Download the Gender Education for Boys toolkit. (Andhra Pradesh)

Download the Gender Education in Schools toolkit. (Kerela)

Download the Gender Education for Men toolkit. (Karnataka)

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