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We often make calls to action and invite you to exchange ideas and solutions with us – relevant to any of our ongoing campaigns or even to suggest a new one!

So, what’s your big BUT?

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We create beautiful things used by great people all over the world. Come and create with us.

Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time. -Albert Camus

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Grant Writing

Components of a good proposal

BigFoot let’s you choose between various option concerning the header layout for each page. Customize the logo and menu alignment, as well as the title’s and subtitle’s. If you feel like your header is too big, and you want something thinner, you can also choose not to use a subtitle, reduce the header’s height: neat!

Each page can have a different header color, and if you specify a featured image, it’s automatically placed below such semi-transparent overlay. And guess what, you can customize the opacity level too!

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The key is lots of advance preparation
Create a page that’s composed only of big, bold, beautiful slides: it can either be a cool home page, or an effective way to display a presentation. Pick each slide’s overlay color and opacity, and select a nice image to be used as background. Write a big title, add a description, and even add a button to link to somewhere else: creating a nice looking slide has never been easier.

Also, each slide can be linked directly to a Post or Page by specifying its ID, so that the title, description and button link are automatically generated for you.

Want more? You can also indicate a specific CSS class to each slide, so that you can rock it up with your own styling!

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Cultivating Individual Donors

Bringing back the personal
Call us old school, but we still love the 1-to-1 approach. We’re nostalgic for the days when we’ d sit around a conference table stuffing envelopes and sending out by mail/post.

BigFoot comes with two blog variants: the grid one, featuring a nice masonry layout, and the regular one, with posts that allow for bigger images to be displayed.

While having all the nice features that the other pages of the themes have, Blog pages can also be further customized specifying how many items to show, their order, and also filter them by one or more category.

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The worldwide Free a Girl movement aims to stop child prostitution.

What are you waiting for?

The time has never been better than now.

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